Motkia is designed to offer one connection manager for all broadband cards worldwide.
Its feature rich and easy to use. Motkia is available in generic and rebranded forms. Our customers are MVNO's looking for a universal branded connection manager that is user friendly. We have more than 100 thousand users worldwide.




  • Balance checking on demand
  • User selectable skins and new design
  • 18 languages
  • Works with 11 current cards from 5 manufactures, 14 additional discontinued models
  • Fast and user friendly install times, reboot NOT required, 45 minutes NOT required!
  • Real time traffic reporting
  • Customizable skins, buttons, and rebranding available
  • Easy URL link and image modifications
  • 30 day implementation time
  • New models added within 3-14 days
  • Community updates
  • Custom messages to end users
  • Forced and optional updates
  • Clean single Silent driver installation unlike others that install unneeded drivers
  • Simple two click IOTA (re)programming for the returning customer





Coming Features


A. | Embedded subscriber email, hosting and fax services.

B. | Linux, and Mac software.

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